Measurement will provide equity equipment between all boats.
Measurement has to be performed before WC and will be checked at Brest.

Measurement Certificate

When you purchased your boat you get attached to the boat a Measurement Certificate. If you purchase a new set of sails, they also have to be measured and certificated.

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Equipment Control

Before Micro Cup start, different point of Measurement Certificate will be checked and controlled in accordance with your boat.

  • Measurement Certificate
  • Equipment Control
  • Answers about measurement

Measurement Certificate

There are two differents Micro Measurement certificate :

  • One for production Micro /Racer and Cruiser affiliated to IMCCA called Conformity Certificate.
  • One for Micro Proto, for which certificate is unique and called Measurement Certificate samples are below.
Production MicroCertificat-conformite

For production boat, and each series, a reference measurement certificate will be etablished for the « mother boat » designated by the Class association. Restrictions relative to each Class are also defined. Conformity Certificate, certify that all production boat are in accordance with Micro Class rules and Class restrictions.
The National Measurer and the Class Measurer realize measurements of mother boat. Conformity certificate is unique and will become identity card of the boat.
This document is fulfilled by the owner of the boat, checked by the Class Measurer and has value of commitment to maintain the boat in his original shape.


Micro ProtoCertificat-Jauge

As Micro Proto are unique, a Measurement Certificate will be establish for each boat.
This dedicated document specify all measurement points of the boat, according to the Micro rules and annex.
It is established by the National Measurer. The owner undertakes not to change or to report any change in the original configuration of his boat. The change of one or several items listed in the certificate entails its invalidity; the establishment of a new certificate becomes mandatory.

How to get a certificate

To get a Conformity Certificate, you have to ask at your Class Association. For Micro Proto, the owners will get in touch with the National measurer.
It is recommended, prior to measurement sessions, to check the boat in accordance with the Micro Class rules and annex.

Equipment Control

In Brest our Micro Class team will check your boat in accordance with your Measurement Certificate.

Equipment Control

Controls apply to security devices as well as hull, rigs, sails …. The Control will be either visual or by measurement, it should match with either Conformity Certificate or Measurement Certificate.

  • Registrationclub jauge
    At registration, you will get your folder of control equipment in which should be included your certificate.
  • Security control
    Security equipment should be presented and stay on board all along the competition.
  • Rig control
    Mast and boom are measured together. P and E measures should match your Certificate data.
  • Weigh and craning
    The boat will be weighed empty without sails; it should not be put out of water during all the Championship.
  • Stability at 90 degrees heeltests-stabilite
    The Boat is pulled over until her Sheer Line is vertical with a weight of 10 kilograms attached (15 kg for Cruiser) as close as possible to the Mast Head Point. The Boat shall support this weight. If the angle of heel increases, she fails the test.
  • Stability at low angles of heel
    By means of a halyard or any other running Rigging, a pole shall be positioned athwart the boat at the maximum beam station and parallel to the waterline with a weight of 20 kilograms attached to it. The distance between the Hull and the point of suspension of the weight shall be 2,25 metres. The test shall be carried out on both sides. The average heel angle shall not exceed 15 degrees for Proto, 12.5 degrees for Racer and 10 degrees for Cruiser.
  • Sails Measurement
    Sails will be checked according to Measurement Certificate. The sails controlled will then be stamped in order to certify they will be exclusively used during the competition time to secure the exclusive use of the same set of sailing on the Championship.

Answers about measurement

  • Measurement Certificate
    For Racer and Cruiser only Similitary Certificate is needed. You should get it when you purchase your boat.
    For Proto, if you have no valid International Measurement Certificate, get in touch with your National Measurer (for France: on MicroClass web site, page address). All boat without certificate will get from MicroClass France a temporary Measurement Certificate: fees charge will be: 100 €.
  • Sails Measurement
    Your primary sails have been measured when Measurement Certificate has been produced. If you have purchased new sails, which have not been measured, get in touch with your National Measurer (for France: on MicroClass web site, page LES ADRESSES).
    Sails presented at Micro Cup with no Measurement Certificate will be measured on site: fees charge will be 50 € for a complete set of sails or 10 € per sail.
    MicroClass France will organize Sails measurement session during some Tour de France 2015 early season legs. If you are concerned get in touch with competition organiser.
  • Sails stamped
    At French OSIRIS competition sails are just stamped, this to make sure you use only this set during all time competition. If your sails have measurement marked and with a MicroClass stamp, this guaranty you they have been measured.
  • OSIRIS Certificate
    French Osiris valid Certificate is not needed to participate at MicroCup. A valid Sail number has to be attached to the boat (no duplicated sail number).
  • Square Top Mainsail
    Authorised according to Class Rules; for example is authorised by Neptune 5.50 Class.
  • 25sqm Spinnaker
    Spinnaker for Micro at International competition should not be greater than 19.60 sqm. 25 sqm Spinnaker is authorised only at French National competitions.
  • Crew
    Crew number is 3 as Rade de Brest is a sea water. The crew may be reduce to 2 only for Racer and Cruiser division only on Inland lakes and waterways.
  • Security Equipment
    MicroClass rules versus French D240 specification Security equipment
    • Personal flotation device : your life jacket
    • Luminous device
    • Mobile fire fighting equipment (if engine)
    • Manuel drainage mechanism : 10 litres bucket, bale and sponge
    • Towing arrangement 10 meters line
    • Mooring line
    • Tides table, will be given at registration
    • National flag (outside territorial waters)
    In addition MicroClass rules request:
    • A boat hook
    • Paddles or Oars
    • Position and specification of securing points
    • Any of the securing points shall resist a load of no less than 1500 kilograms.
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